• The preforms are driven to feed rail after they are put in order in the preform sorter.
  • The preforms are loaded in the preform carriers after they pass through the dust removal system that is located on feed rail.
  • As preform carriers move towards the owen they also spin around by the actuation of rotation belt.
  • The preforms pass through the owen, between the infrared lamps and reflectors located opposite the lamps.
  • While the direct and reflected heating warming preforms, air cooling system prevents surface overheating and/or burning.
  • Neck ring is cooled with water cooling system.
  • The lamps are adjustable in position and power in order to adapt different preform dimensions.
  • The heated preforms are transferred to the molds with a reeding system.
  • Mold closing and bottom mold movement is synchronised mechanically.
  • After bottle is blown and mold is opened, the bottle is transferred through the bottle transfer conveyor.
  • Easy maintaince and operation.
  • Low cost
  • Low electric power consuption
  • Polycarbonate or plexiglass access doors. Easy access to inner parts and easy to follow the process.
  • All parameters can change with Touchscreen panel .

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