This filling line specially for 3-5 gallons barreled drink  water,It integrates bottle washing,filling and capping into one unit ,In order to achieve the purpose of washing and sterilizing ,The washing machine use multi-washing liquid spray and-thimerosal spray,This thimerosal can be used circularly,The capping machine can cap barrel automatically ,this line equips with water spraying device in order to ensure those caps sterilizer and clean .it also can automatically carry out barrel ,washing,sterilizing ,filling ,capping ,counting and products discharging ,with complete function ,modern design and high degree of automation ,it is a new kind of barreled water auto-production line ,which integrates mechanism ,electricity and pneumatics technologies together.


  • Materials in contact with product are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel. Machine chassis material is made of AISI 304 L stainless steel.
  • Hygienic volumetric filling technology with flow-meter .
  • Sterilized ambient is obtained during the filling  porcess.
  • If the doors are openned , machine stops but sterile airflow continues seamlessly.
  • If the  sterile air is stopped , machine stops automaticly.
  • Machine is controlled by PLC system.
  • Easy  and reliable use and maintenance.
  • CIP can be applied to every single point in te contact with final product.
  • Compliance with ozone free filling process.
  • No bottle – No filling.