WET 20/30


GM 20/30 is the smallest of our water cup packaging machines. It can reach 6500 cups per hour speed. Just like our other cup machines, GM 20/30 can produce different sizes. Any kind of liquid food, which doesn't produce gas, can be filled. Touch screen control panel enables full control over all parts of machine and simplifies adjustments. Mechanically high class this machine is also electronically advanced. Production tracing has necessary alarming for errors and error notification.


  •  Max Depth-95 mm
  •  Speed- 15-22 hit/min 6500 cup/hour
  •  Max Foil Width- 250 mm
  •  Bottom Foil- PVC+PE , PS+PE
  •  Top Foil- AL+OPP , AL
  •  Machine Dimensions- 1200x6500x2000
  •  Machine Weight - 2200 Kg
  •  Product Range -Cup water, juice...