Granular Carbon Cartridge


GAC series cartridges are designed to remove chlorine and chlorine-based sanitisers, tastes and odours commonly found in municipal water supplies. Our GAC filters are designed to allow water to enter one end and pass through the entire carbon bed contained in the cartridge before exiting, allowing a maximum contact time between the water and the carbon to effectively remove these contaminants. An internal expansion pad is built into the cartridge to minimize channeling or bypass of the water. A nominal 20 micron non-woven post filter is included to reduce carbon fines and other suspended particles from exiting the cartridge.

Cartridge Model Cartridge Length Dimension (mm) Nominal 
Flow Rate (l/h)


LA Mignon SX-TS 5"M 125 50 21 300
LA 5 SX-TS 5" 128 72 28 400
LA 7 SX-TS 7" 176 72 28 400
LA 10 SX-TS 10" 252 72 28 400
LA 20 SX-TS 20" 510 72 28 400



  • Chlorine and chlorine based sanitiser removal in point-of-entry appliances and in point-of-use appliances: washing machines, showers and drinking water units.
  • Feedwater chlorine and chlorine based sanitiser removal for health and allied manufacturing industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and as a pre-treatment step to protect reverse osmosis units.
  • working temperature range: +4℃ to +60℃