Capsule Filter


This is available as disposable capsule type and cartridge type having all the constructional elements made of the Polyethylene,are hollow fibre membrane filter of KMF. The design of this series includes a general hollow fibre membrane filter which then makes use of polyurethane or epoxy resin to bundle them together and further fasten to a case. 
Traditionally the usage of the hollow fibre was extremely limited because of the affects of resin.They could only be used with fluids in applications involving water purifier,medical equipment,water treatment and compressed air.In the latest model the resin has been replaced by Polyethylene.This has helped in the expansion of its usage and application to a great extent. Thus now these hollow fibre with Polyethylene can also be used for the removal of very minute particle such as photo-resist in electronic industry,the dilution solvent and ultra-pure water. 
The construction with Poly-olefin including Polyethylene and Polypropylene renders them with high chemical resistance.In addition, the hollow fibre membrane with its pore size of 100nm-5nm helps it with excellent particle removal performance and thus a long operational life.


  • Media:water
  • Type of filtration:ultra-filtration
  • Material:polypropylene
  • Other characteristics:disposable
  • Removal rating:Min.: 0.005 µm ,Max.: 0.1 µm