PE Storage Tanks


Modern and innovative variety of Polyethylene Water Tanks / Plastic Water Tanks for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Premises. These Water Tanks are available in various models, sizes and capacities ranging from 100 US Gallons to 5000 US Gallons. Water Tanks are designed using the latest and accurate analytical methods. Allowing suitable changes to be made to the thickness and variation of the products so that stresses and deflections can be minimized. This makes them able to resist heavy hydrostatic loads with a built-in factor of safety, thereby ensuring many years of service.


  • Outer Layer is tough in order to withstand the harshest weathers.
  • UV Layer provides the tanks resistance against Ultra Voilet.
  • Smooth Inner Layer for storing water & prevents the growth of algae.
  • Foam Layer (Compressed Sponges) maintains the water temperature at a rate less than the outside temperature.