Bottling Process:

Preform loading by the hopper elevator, after heating it will blowing into plastic bottle by the blow molding machine,and send out to the air conveyor system of the 3-in-1 filling machine which collect washing bottle,filling pure water into bottle and capping the bottle, the product  is driven by transmission motor. Hot Glue wrap around labeling machine will  automatically place the OPP labels in the right place of the bottle water and shrinking by the shrink tunnel, Wrap shrink packing machine will finish the last step which use PE film to packaging 6/12/24 bottles water into one packaging and will convenient for customer to carry.

It has advantages, such as compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient and simple operation, safe and reliable and adjustable continuous production capacity and others. It is mainly suitable for bottling of round or square polyester bottles. According to the demands of different specifications of users, it is only changed a little in design to meet the user’s demands.

RO Water Purification Machine:

RO Water Treatment Machine is mostly use in pure water treatment and mineral water purification. The water purification is the removal of contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption.

Automatic PET Blow Molding Machine:

Automatic 2-4-6-8-10 Cavities PET Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine are suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. They are widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle and so on.

Washing-Filling-Capping (Three-in-one) Machine:

This water bottling equipment is mainly used for washing, filing, and capping non-gas liquid, such as mineral water, pure water, and more. The hanging bottle-conveying structure of the water bottling equipment makes the changing of bottle models faster, easier and more convenient. The main machine makes use of advanced PLC control technology. Meanwhile, we adopt internationally famous products for our key electric elements.

 Inkjet / Laserjet Printer:

Printing produce date on the bottled water.

Got Glue Wrap Around Labeling Machine:

OPP hot melt labeling machine is suitable for single and double side circumferential labeling of round, square and flat bottles in other light industries such as juice, pure water filling, and steam beverage filling. The labeling machine can be used in one machine. It is also suitable for square bottles, flat bottles and round bottles. It can be used in a single machine or in line.

OPP hot melt labeling machine works

After the separation mechanism separates the products, the sensor detects the passage of the product, returns the signal to the control system, and controls the motor to send the label at the appropriate position and attach it to the position to be labeled.


Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine:

Auto shrink packager is used for packing beverage, beer, pure water, juice, etc whatever it is without pallet, catoon, rectangle, round or flat shape. It has the advantage of less cost and better appearance. It applies PLC automatic controller, man-machine interface, ensure that no fallen bottle, no bottle shortage. It adjusts flexible, safe and beautiful. The adjustable hot wind recycle structure make machine suits for all kinds of thermal films(including color printing). Replace film conveniently. It has failure alarm, lock device, reliable running.





Capacity Scale of Bottle: 200—1500ml;

Capacity of Production: 2000-10000 BPH

Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Pure Water

Material: Preform, Cap, Raw Water, PVC Label, Roll PE film

Automatic PET Blow Molding Machine

Volume of product:0.2L - 2L

Production capacity: 2000-10,000 BPH.