Blowing Filling Capping Combi-block Machine is based on "high-speed blow molding machine unit ", " high-speed filling machine unit “and " high speed capping machine unit " ,equipped with control system and on-line detection system. Through the optical, mechanical, electricity, gas, liquid and other disciplines comprehensive application with image recognition technology , the application of synchronous servo control system , allowing customers to achieve the integration of multiple unit control and production equipment , achieve the production line scientific layout , seamless and integrated control , improve the entire line of production efficiency, reduce investment costs, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of the integrated production capabilities

Combi System Application

It is applied for PET Bottled drinking water, CSD, Juice, TEA, liquid milk, liquid condiment and household & personal care products.

Capacity: 12000BPH- 48000 BPH

Our High-speed Blowing-filing-capping Combi System combines the blowing, filing and capping system reducing transmission, empty bottle handling, storage processes, which improved packaging hygienic condition and reduce packaging cross-contamination so as to improve the overall operating efficiency but lower the energy consumption, thereby reduce the overall production cost of enterprises. 

Blowing unit
High-speed blow valve group with high-speed network control ensures blowing technic precision and unification. Three-dimensional dynamic simulating design ensures exact and reliable cam transmission and mesh. High-pressure blow valve group optimum design helps save air a lot. 
Quick-change for mould. Wearable aluminum alloy mould surface with special treatment of hardness. Key points automatic lubrication. 

Filling unit
High-speed and high-precision filling valve: 200ml/s, ± 3mm. 
Servo drive system
With CIP function

Capping unit
Magnetic constant torque, defective rate≤ 0.2%
Reversal caps ejecting device
No bottle, no feeding cap