SS filters offer PP molded opaque and transparent filter housings that are made using polypropylene. These housings are known for its chemical resistance. The housing can accommodate single cartridge of lengths of 125, 250 or 500 mm. They come in two sizes- standard and jumbo filter housing-depending upon the OD of the filter cartridge. They can be used in place of costly stainless steel filter housings.


MOC Polypropylene Bowl- Blue Reinforced material(Opaque) or clear (transparent)
Length of filter cartridge - 5"/ 10"/ 20"
Inlet/Outlet  - ¾ " to 1.5" BSP
O-ring Connections Silicon, EPDM
Vent/Drain Pressure relief button
Max. Operating Temperature - 50 ° C
Max. Operating pressure - 3.5 bar
Housing color Blue Bowl/ Black cap (Opaque) Transparent bowl/ black cap (Transparent)
Configuration of cartridge Double open end