The oily water separator system is fully certified for IMO MEPC. 107(49). The oil water separator delivers performance well below the 15ppm IMO discharge requirement through the use of two new technologies: Intelligent Discharge Technology and Fluorescence Detection Technology.


Intelligent Discharge Technology: The advanced oil water separator discharge system continuously checks the water quality from the 1st stage coalescer and if it’s within mandated limits, the 2nd stage emulsion filter is bypassed. This distinctive MEPC 107(49) certified feature considerably extends the lifecycle of the 2nd stage filters, which minimizes time and costs. The Oily Water Separator is the only device in the marine market certified with this bypass feature. With no moving parts and thoughtfully engineered materials, the system will provide superior performance far outlasting the expected life of the ship. An automated and periodic backflushing cycle keeps the coalescer surface clean and ensures long term operation with minimal intervention or maintenance.