Journey Of Water From Source To Bottle

Ever wondered the journey of the water you drink?

Ever wondered how the water is being processed before it reaches you?

In this article we will be talking about the complete journey of water from its origin to it getting packaged.

💧 At first raw water is received from an approved origin source and stored.

💧 The stored raw water undergoes a strict filtration process. The water is first chlorinated in order to eliminate microbiological contaminants. Water then passes through a multimedia water filter system which represents a significant improvement over single media filters. It helps in delivery of high-quality filtered water at much faster rates as compared to a conventional sand filter. Then the water is put through the activated carbon filter which helps in removing the chlorine, THMs, odor in the water etc. After activated carbon filtration it passes through five micron filters and then it passes to the next step- Reverse Osmosis (RO).

💧 Reverse Osmosis- This process purifies water by removing salts, contaminants and other impurities. It’s also capable of rejecting bacteria.

💧 Re-mineralised water then passes through an absolute rated 0.2 micron filter.

💧 Then the water is treated by UV light which is a fast and unique way to virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants including bacteria and viruses without using heat or chemicals.

💧 The UV light treated water is sent to an ozone contact column. Water is continuously circulated through a venturi in order to mix ozone gas adequately thus ensures water is being disinfected and sanitized prior to bottling.

💧 The water is  filled into the bottles through an automatic filler in an enclosure and the bottles are capped and packed.If you’re planning to start your own water bottling unit, things get easier once you decide the type of water bottling line. To know more about water bottling line, read our previous blog here or feel free to contact us.

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